Do you think Taiwan water is too cheap, USA $15,000

Most utilities are far cheaper in Taiwan than elsewhere, not just water.

Hence the waste.

I personally quite like the tier ssytem Tai power has. Keep it cheaper for base use (eg families and people on a budget) and ramp it up based on usage. I wouldnt be against it with water.

One water future happening i am having troubles agreeing with is now many local governments arent allowing private wells on farmland due to illegal factories. Whih is fine, just monitor it better. But now in some places the government is making tlking points about metering farmland wells. They say it wont be charged. But, ya…you know how it goes.

My only issue with that situation is simoutaneously the government still isnt tackling water security seriously. Especially in rural areas based on agriculture, namely rice. Seems like another future clusterfuck in the making. Though i am also fine with taiwan switching from rice to another more logical staple in the dry season that doesnt waste so much water and erode so much soil.

It sucks for people on shared house though because you’re being charged at high tier no matter what, as you are paying for the consumption of 5 or more people. Taipower needs to remedy this.

It also means if my neighbor is a huge power user I get penalized.

Plus some utilities in the US does time based pricing, meaning when demand is the highest they charge higher price, and that means if your house has good insulation you can overcool your house at night, then just not run the AC at all (use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity), thus turning your house into a battery. But Taipower lacks the infrastructure for this even though they have smart meter at many locations. However at the same time utilities are socialist (all government owned) in Taiwan so the gov can dictate utility cost to fit the needs of the society.

But that also means if you can get your MP to take resource conservation seriously then something can be done about it.

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I don’t. I just go over a little every month but it adds almost 2K to my bill. I’d rather have a flat rate.

If I use 1500kW-h, I shouldn’t pay 60% more than someone at 1300kW-h.

Well thats fine. But thats sellfish. The other side might think i shouldnt hav to breathe smog because of the massive wastage of power. On a country wide scale, i see the tier system as a good start. I think it should be way more expensive on the higher tiers to promote conservation. as such, you could lso figure out ways to reduce power usage.

And i am coming from a factory owner that pays the highest rates and use a LOT of power. But it causes us to upgrade, evolve and innovate. I cant see why that is a bad thing. Public power compabies really ought to be promoting LESS power usage, not more. That used to be the difference between private and publicly owned corporations.

As long as the streets are as bright as the sun and shops open their doors to aircondition the roadways…ts too cheap and underregulated. Or until w have truly sustainable CLEAN production, them i am on board for a climate controlled outdoors haha.


Why can’t your factory put up windmills and install solar panels on the roofs? I thought you were in farmland sun town based on your posts.

Oh, and the power doesn’t bother me too much, but it does the wife, and I have to live with her.

Because its expensive and foreigners dont get deals. That said, we are buildig our new factory and it is solar powered :slight_smile: so the suntown is absolutely worth it. But i had to save, look and pray for years before being able. Its worth the effort though! And its worth the sacrifice in convenience so much i consider it a duty of all citizens to have a plan and adjust. We have always cut power usage a lot for our output, an after years of those cobstant evolutions we can now go solar.

As an example, in order to cut my emmisions i never have AC in taiwan, and i am a cold loving canadian. Along with many other cuts to save power. Turning lights off while not using them etc seems basic in my opinion. Everyone can do it.

Congrats. You’re still eligible to have extra power bought back for 20 years at market rate, aren’t you?

Yup, thats right. Thanks. For me, because we manufacture we use lots of juice, though we are already pretty eco minded and dont waste much a all! The idea isnt to make money off solar. Its to not use so much power made from coal, fossil fuels and nuclear. Any money we get back is nice, but it certainly isnt our priority as we use a lot of electricity and i am very much against taiwans nuclear and coal issues. That all saud, we still need to do more, and should akways be doing more. So the factory build is mostly considering thermal issues, insulation, airflow etc to try and be more efficient. luckily, or not, we are small so its easier to design around these constraints.

Either way, i think all of us have responsibilities to reduce waste, and pay up for better services. It does suck sometimes, but i would pay 4x the eelctricity if somehow it meant cleaner air.

The countrry of taiwan cant risk high energy costs though or we are dead in the water with no economy and just waiting for china to come scoop us up when poor and jobless. so its a complicated problem. Hence why i agree cleaner and more sustainable energy sources are the way, but its pointless if we the people maintain such and entitled and wasteful culture.

They are, but water just seems super cheap. Our office air con costs $20,000 for summer for a five person office so though electric maybe is cheaper for residents its not super cheap like water.

Very strange concern imo, and strange idea to compare with other countries. Is the water imported?
Why not compare the gas price with Iraq then?

He/she is probably mentioning it because w have very poor water security in taiwan. Any year we could be hit with a REAL problem! We are just rolling the dice currently.

Residential can get order price hike, as with com mercial. Agruculture can start paying . And the next election whoever did that wont win :slight_smile:

We could also take capturing more of it far more seriously.