Do you think Taiwan water is too cheap, USA $15,000

Our house pays very little for water. I saw in USA nt$15,000 for one load of water. link: California tourist town Mendocino running out of water amid drought: "It's dire and it's only getting worse" - CBS News

Do you think low water prices here are good or bad, or does having mean with low prices , people do not value it as much thus waste? In USA does higher price mean people will not waster water or maybe USA richer so they do mind higher prices? If that was the price in Taiwan I guess people would be very careful on use.

I think low water prices cause higher water usage. In Europe, water saving washing machines, toilet flushes, shower heads, … are quite common. Here, they only seem to be found in a few places.

Actually, I think a system were prices per unit increase with usage might work the best (like the electricity rates here): „Basic necessity“ is quite cheap - anything above and you have to pay more (of course, ideally would need to account for number of people and not just do it per „household“).


I totally agree. You cant compare t aiwan to usa. You cant even compare US states with each other because we need to look at climate.

In taiwan they are messing around with water security in a very lazy and retarded way. So yes i think the water prices should be higher.

The flip side is that taiwan absolutely NEEDS large international friends (corporations as well as governments) to fight off the CCP oppression machine. Thats the biggest retardation of all our policies here…we need to worry about the new nazis, the CCP. As such, we need google, tsmc, foxcon, formosa plastics etc pollutin us and giving our kids cancer in order to be able to fight a war that shouldnt even be in existence. If we started taxing those companies fairly, they just wont come here. Thats reality. In indirect ways, our water shortage, food security issues, pollution etc are all really caused by our fear of being murdered by china. There is surely a more romantic way to word it, but thats the reality. And this over generations no doubt has a retarding effect on our societies evolution. But people still invest in, and buy from, China…so we are shooting ourselves in the foot. And no one seems to give a fuck…sigh :frowning:

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Yeah I grew up next to Lake Michigan. If ever there were a place that wasting water “shouldn’t” be an issue, it would be next to a Great Lake. Except that I didn’t waste water, because conserving water was something pounded into my brain from the age of about 3. Meanwhile, I went to Arizona once. You hear about the Colorado River drying up while everyone floods their yards (that are lawns, as in, real, live grass, in the desert!) once a week.

In Taiwan, I would like to see the “conserve water” signs removed from bathrooms though. It seems to have given absolutely everyone in this country the “all clear” to think it means they should only sprinkle a tiny bit of water on their hands, skipping the soap all together, and that is one place that I do not think we should be skimping on the water use…


So then the people living in shared houses will literally be hit hard if they ever do this.

I saw that Biden overturned the executive order by Trump which removed the limit on water flow rates for showerheads.

Executive orders are always pretty shallow…we ought to have learned by now.

Do not know if is true but saw a report saying that most showerhead manufacturers basically were not going to switch back to higher volume showerheads as had few customers. Some states and many countries have local water saving rules so just not that enough customers to warrant making the old types anymore.

Well dont let all the hippies know capitalism is conserving water. Jeesh.

Something is horribly wrong when you need to legislate flow rate from a shower head.


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Fact is we still have water issues, and we still must enable big corps that require massive water inputs if we want to survive.

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Is there a real reason to conserve water if it’s just abundant? It rains most days in the UK. I don’t really see the purpose of conserving water here.

Yes, I think this is good idea for Taiwan.

Some states in America are desperate for water. Many facing drought conditions with rivers and ground water way too low to sustain agriculture and local cities. Some cities have stopped issuing building permits until they get the water supply situation under control.