Documenting overseas income for Taiwan taxes

Not yet. Shush! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(From what I understand about the NHIA, they’re not especially fast with this stuff anyway, so who knows when they’d contact me if they intended to - maybe 2024?)

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Mhh, still trying to figure out if it’s worth to get a “second job” with a local employer just for NHI… But so far, no one really seems to know if the NHI cares about income received from overseas or not…

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Thanks a lot to @Andrew and @wfh-jjw for the clarification. I was really not trying to avoid paying taxes. Just confused about the wording :smiley:

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FYI A friend of a friend was in the same circumstances and did not declare any of this as income to the Taiwan tax authorities. They were perfectly fine.

How did they say they’d been supporting themselves, then? I imagine that’d be the next question.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t briefly consider the possibility of claiming I’d been living from savings or similar. I just expected that I’d then have to provide proof of that, e.g., a sufficient bank balance to live without income for several years, and I opted to keep it simple and declare everything rather than setting off down the path of that string of lies that might backfire. Good to have it sorted anyway, and the tax was pretty reasonable in any case so it wasn’t too much of a burden.

Savings from abroad? Family? I do not think anybody ever asked the question.

Edit: also you could say tutoring English at below the taxable limit.

I honestly do not think anybody would come to ask. Nobody asked in the case of my friend’s friend.

Not really, because you’d still be obligated to declare the income if it’s below the taxable limit. You can’t really just say it’s less than NT$408k (for a single person) and not need to file.

Oh alright, I did not realize that.

Linking to my reply in the other thread because also relevant here: Remote income from overseas - Taxes? - #29 by qwert_zuiop

Income from self-employment is also considered Taiwan-sourced income. From a tax perspective, no company registration required. The tax office will decide on a case-by-case basis which documentation is required (bank statements, contracts, invoices or even email communication)