Documents required for ARC

Many years ago, when applying for an ARC (JFRV) I was required to provide proof of my finances in the form of an ownership certificate of an apartment. When I asked again about two years ago, I was told the same. As I may need to get a new ARC, I wonder what is the current status in this respect. Is there any alternative apart from such ownership? I don’t have my own apartment anymore.

You need to borrow your landlord’s household registration “who-co” (excuse my Romanization). The household registration together with the rental contract will prove where you live.

I am not sure what the problem is…
Ten years ago I applied for an ARC (joining family), and among others I was requested to provide a Zaizhan Zhengming in the form of land or housing property (NOT money or other) to prove financial ability. Two years ago I asked about this again, and was told the same.

As in the mean time I do not have my own property anymore, and I may have to apply for a new ARC, I want to know if that requirement was abolished, modified or if there is another way. (This is for proving finances, not for place of living.)

Reformulating my question:

As in the meantime I do not have my own property >anymore, and I may have to apply for a new ARC, >I want to know if that requirement was >abolished, modified or if there is another way.
(This is for proving finances, not for place of >living.)

Has anyone recently applied for a “joining family” ARC and was NOT required to provide a certificate showing that he/she or the spouse does own real estate (house, appartment, land)? If that was not required, was nothing required or a bank statement, etc.?

I find it impossible to offer any suggestions without full comprehension of your situation. Please refer to the guidelines at:
and provide full information on your status.

Please update your profile to indicate your email address, and turn on the messaging function.

I don’t want to be rude but one question, do you establish a database on the situation of all people asking questions on this forum?

If that is the case, I better go elsewhere. After more than a dozen years in this place and having not been nicely treated many times by the government organizations I prefer not to declare my private situation in public!

All I can say is that I will restart from zero (as if I arrived anew), I will have no ARC and will have to apply for a “joining family” ARC. That should be clear enough, I cannot see what more information should be required. What documents are required nowadays for this type of visa? (The above was my experience years ago. Just forget it if this is too difficult, please.)

Right. I see your point. Gazing into my crystal ball, I note that you are a Danish national who grew up in Southern India, and later immigrated to South Africa. Now you are in Taiwan on a ten day landing visa. (Sorry, this information may be incorrect, but you aren’t willing to provide any detailed information on your own status, and my broken crystal ball is all I have to go by . . .)

In such an instance, there is no way for you to apply for an ARC at the present time. Sorry.