Documents verifying purpose of visit!?! What do they mean?

I’m an american citizen trying to get a visitor visa to taiwan, but they say I need to have “documents verifying my purpose of visit”…or something like that. Basically I plan on staying with my girlfriend, and just kind of kickin it and travelling…I HAVE NO DOCUMENTS…so, does this mean I’m screwed when it comes to getting a visa? I’d hate to send them the $100 just to get denied. So, what kind of documents would I need anyway?

In this case (I’m no lawyer so don’t quote me) sounds like a letter signed by the girlfriend (or, preferably, by her parents, as they will be fine upstanding Taiwanese citizens and hopefully property owners, which holds a whole lot more weight in such matters) inviting you to visit them in Taiwan would be what is required.

If you were going over to study, for example, then they would want to see the acceptance letter from the language program. If some organization invited you, the invitation letter, and so on.


For a visitor’s visa you will have to show a bank statement, proving the TECO that you can actually afford to travel to Taiwan. Try to have as much money in the account as possible.

Awesome…thanks, I would’ve never thought of sending a bank statement with the application. Thanks for your help guys.

I never had to submit any of the above documents for a visitor visa for Taiwan. So either there are different formalities for different countries or you got something wrong here. All I usually have to submit is my passport, the fee and a return ticket.

I think it also makes a difference in how you dress, and this goes for problems getting three-year ARCs, etc., while you are in Taiwan. You’d be surprised how much better service you get when you wear a nice suit, act calm and confident and appear as a successful, established person as opposed to looking and acting like a slobby, pissed-off, whining drifter.

I guess I’m screwed then…I’m pretty sure “drifter” is written on my forehead somewhere. And, I’m definatly pissed off and slobby…and I live in a tent.

Axiom, good one! Flicka does have a good point, though, although the language he uses to make it is perhaps a little severe.

A guy came into our school looking for work the other day. He was wearing sandals, surf pants and a tee-shirt. One look at my shirt and tie and you could tell he was already thinking of ways to get out again as quickly as possible…

Ooops! Axiom, I didn’t mean to sound like I was referring to what you might look like, or anyone else here, for that matter. This is just my observation on playing the visa/documents game for decades now. Shorts and jeans are my uniform of choice, but I have found throwing on a suit does make a positive difference (unless maybe you are at the tax office and are trying to look poor)

If you are simply applying for a visitor visa, you likely don’t need any such documents. WHen I applied for my first visitor visa in Atlanta, I presented NO documents and was given a FIVE YEAR, multiple entry visa!

I believe that question is for those coming for joining family and work. Check with your nearest Taiwanese office.