Does anybody know this song?

Does anyone know this song + who sings it?
It’s sung by a woman, the vocals are airy, breathy, soothing. The song is slow-midtempo, the instrumentation is sparse and simple, with just a reverbed guitar coming in now and again.
Musically, it reminds me a little of Wicked Game by Chris Issak (sp.?)

The lyrics are something like this:

“She left a scar
I was so impressed
She was so well read
I never had to speak from my heart
…the seasons change but I am still the same…”

I was just shopping at Working House and for the 30 mins. I was there, they kept playing this song over and over…

I asked the girl behind the counter who it was, she said, “I don’t know. But we sell the CD”. She called upstairs and whoever was on the other end said the CD was sold out. When I asked who sang the song, I was given a shrug then a blank stare and no one was willng or interested to open the store’s CD player and tell me the name of the song/singer.

I can’t get this song out of my head…I want to stop singing it, but I can’t!Somebody help! Really curious to know who this is

“We’re simple minds” by Club 8, on the album “Spring came, rain fell”