Does anyone know any university that offers intensive Chinese courses in Taichung?

Most universities “only” offer 15 hours a week, 3 hours per day, and I would like to take a more intensive class since I would be relatively free next semester.

Money isn’t a problem. I’ll be willing to pay more!

I think all the courses in Taiwan are around 10/15 hours.
The one with the longest hours is ICLP.
15 hours in a class (with only 3 ppl) and 5 hours of private lesson.
Plus tons of homework, but it is in Taipei.

NCKU in Tainan offers 10+5 and they can extend to 2/3 hours private if you pay.

Otherwise you can do 15 hours plus 5/10/15 hours with a tutor?

I’ve visited several universities from Kaohsiung to Taipei, including NCKU in Tainan. I can for a fact tell you that all of the CLC I’ve visited offer up to 15 hours per week as a most intensive course, make that 18 if you add the cultural courses they offer at NCKU like calligraphy. If you want to do something longer than that I see two options:

Do the 3/hour per week intensive course in the morning at then a look for a private tutor in the afternoon. (NCKU actually offers 1on1 so you could do this afterwards).


Do the 3/hour per week intensive in the morning and then another 3/hour per week intensive in the afternoon (although it’s unlikely they will let you do something like this but you could try)

In Taichung you can visit the CLC at National Taichung University, or the CLC at Feng Chia University.

Good idea to add in some private’s to review, practice, internalize. It will help a lot, if it doesn’t break your brain.