Does anyone know how to send a package to the UK?

There’s no mail between Taiwan and the UK. Even DHL. I haven’t tried FedEx yet. WTF is going on?

At the moment only 27 countries (France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, the Philippines, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ) can be posted due to covid.


Taiwan’s off the list. Boris Johnson logic.

More like the UK’s off Taiwan’s list.

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It’s screwed up my kid’s passport renewal.

My mistake. I’ll blame Tsai

I’m surprised that DHL isn’t working. I received something through them in the other direction last month or so. (And sprayed it liberally with isopropanol on arrival haha)

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Have you checked EMS? Not sure whether they follow the same rules as regular mail.

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I was told no in 7, but of course that doesn’t make it so.

I’ve got a mate who works for FedEx. I’ll ask him.

FedEx should be able to send it via the US, I think.

Has the entire planet lost its fucking mind?

I just DHL’ed stuff last month to get my passport. No problem. What changed?

Probably who I talked to.

Try again but use the website. I had no trouble arranging a pickup for Newcastle.

We also got a DHL from London yesterday FYI not sure the other way is working.

FedEx delivers to UK.

So when is this going to stop? the covid situation has improved a lot in the uk since this started

FedEx and DHL are sending packages. Cost me 1000NT.

Pandemics are profitable for some. I see the AstraZeneca boss is asking for a 650% bonus.

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A DHL express envelope to the UK costs 1000NT if less than 500g.

Post office still says NO! :frowning:

Yes. It’s the one little nugget of truth we can all be sure of.

Not sure if this is relevant, but I’m receiving mail from the UK. I mean ordinary Royal Snail, not registered or express. Several letters in the past few days. It’s slow, but it gets here.

Logic is rarely a factor in COVID-related decisions, but perhaps they’ll get it working the other way too?

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