Does anyone know what this is?


I bought a sauce called simply “Green Sauce”

That is the vegetable in it.

Not sure what it is?


Babel fish says that this is parsley


My wife says it’s not parsley, but actually a kind of cilantro, one that is not native to Taiwan but is rather a foreign kind of cilantro.

Cilantro is Parsely.

Cilantro isn’t parsley, it’s the leaf of the coriander plant: 香菜 – xiang1cai4.

It’s related to parsley, at least to the flat-leaf Italian kind; not sure about the other kind.

I haven’t heard of 洋香菜, but, “yang2” being foreign or western, what twocs said makes sense.

My Oxford/Pleco dictionary says that parsley is either 荷蘭芹 – he2lan2qin2 – or 歐芹 – ou1qin2.

in taiwan parsley is commonly referred to as 洋香菜 or 美國香菜. that is almost certainly what it is. probably the flat leaf kind.

There are a number of names for basil, too. I remember Almas John posting before about the vagueness of some botanical terminology.

Perhaps 洋香菜 is used by some people to refer to parsley, and by some people to refer to a different kind of cilantro/coriander leaf.

Or, twocs, could your wife actually have been talking about flat-leaf parsley?

Actually, come to think of it, that’s probably what it is. Flat-leaf parsley is definitely in the coriander family so it makes sense to call it a kind of foreign cilantro.

She isn’t 100% sure about it. But one name for cilantro is Chinese Parsley. I always thought that it was quite tangy, unlike what I think of as parsley.

You can check out a chinese language threads where they argue about this distinction like:

Plus there’s this link with a long list of vegetable translations that includes:

[quote=“”]香菜 Cilantro :国内的香菜
洋香菜 Parsley:有卷曲的三层复叶,只有老外买。 [/quote]

And here, with pictures.

Nice links! Thanks.