Does anyone order from iHerb? Custom fees? (and other US vitamin/supplement shops)

I want to order vitamins and some groceries from the US. Just wondering if anyone has order from this site, and if so, if they know if there are any custom fees to import goods? I want to order a 6KG box worth $170.00 USD. Ball park figures? Thanks!

We use iherb but always stay under 100 USD in order to avoid those fees. My suggestion: split the order. The shipping is quite cheap, anyways.

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I’m looking to order some goods from iherb and ship to Taiwan. Will they ship all the goods in one package (about 50 usd worth of various products)?

How about average shipping times and costs and is it better than for international shipping?

I just ordered for the first time about 14 days ago and it still has not arrived. It was about $40…

Update: It arrived . All is well.

In most cases if the order was sent by post it won’t be taxed, but I don’t know how it works since the rule says if it’s over 3000nt it will be taxed, and they have been taxing more than they used to. The tax isn’t really high though, it’s lower than sales tax in most states. Sometimes when ordering from Germany they had to add German sales tax (which is quite high, 19%) unless you are ordering from outside Germany. One such order actually ended up being the same, whether shipped within Germany or shipped to Taiwan.

I just ordered 25 USD goods, see how it goes, 4 USD shipping fee is nice even if slow.

dont quote me for foods, but generally customs here ding you with a 30% (ish) fee. I doubt a large company like iherbs would, but ask if they will lower value on parcel, note you risk getting less back from insurance if they loose it though.

the only times i have ever gotten hit with duty is when its been large boxes stopped in customs and required me to go in and pick them up.

Just got my box yesterday so it’s about a week from ordering to delivery. I went under $100 with no problem. Though I Have to say it’d be much cheaper to order everything all at once because iherb gives a deal for shipments over $60.00 usd. For the person who said they ordered their package 14 days ago and still no word? What da hell man? I would’ve called them on day 8. DHL is pretty nifty because I put in a request for a delivery confirmation and they patched me through to the local post office that told me my package was on it’s way that day. So overall good experience minus the split shipments.

It depends what delivery service you want. They have a 4 USD international mail no tracking service, supposed to take 10-14 days average to Asia pacific.

If it’s a 4 USD shipping charge chances are it went by first class mail, then it is highly unlikely that it will be taxed regardless of value. Nobody looks at a first class shipment and it is assumed that anything in it is of little value. So if you got a lot of money tied up into it then be careful because first class parcels do sometimes go missing…

the $4 USD shipping is for under an absurd amount of weight like 1kg. So you couldn’t really pack much with that. Without the tracking, you might as well take a flame to yo dolla billz.

I think one thing I might be more concerned with iherb is they may mistake the various herbs for the illegal kind (that tends to attract very harsh sentence in Taiwan)

Just got my iherb consignment today. $30 of spices in one smallish box, delivered by postie.
No customs fee.

Same with me, 14 days for the 4 USD mail option.

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iHerb Info:

12 days and counting for my 2nd iherb package. Gnawing my fingernails to the bone here :wink:.

I’ve always paid the $10 DHL shipping option and get it in 3-4 days. Never a customs fee. Comes straight to my door. I order a lot at once so $10 is a GREAT price for 3-4 days and no fees.

I’ve ordered the cheap DHL and the express DHL (something like 4 USD for the cheap option and 8 USD and up for the express).

The cheap one…took over 14 days. No tracking.
The express…took 7 days. Tracking.

Both sailed through customs.

It is a fine price. I’m still feeling my way with iherb as a company, but I should do the same (order way more and pay that little bit extra for delivery).
The postman did come an hour ago, and rang the bell. I was so sure it was iherb. Bounded out to the gate, to find myself signing for a note saying my ARC was about to expiry.


It’s arrived. Came back to find box balanced on top of the gate. Anyone could’ve walked off with it, must have up been there for hours.
So that was 16 days from order.

The box they used was half-empty, padded with paper. Next time I’ll be ordering way more and seeing how much the express DHL works out at.