Does cat food dissolve plastic bags?

So I took someone’s advise and took the huge bags of Costco cat food and put it in ziplock bags to keep them from spoiling.

Now I get one of the bags and all of the cat food spilled out. On the bags were mysterious cuts on the bag as though someone had cut it with razor. I don’t see how that could happen, and the cat didn’t reach it.

So now I have a huge amount of cat food in bags that were supposedly closed, but all have cuts in them that appears mysteriously.

Does cat food degrade plastic bags?

Ummm…no. sounds like your bags encountered not only cat food, but cat claws as well.

Edit, I know you said your cat couldn’t get at it, but cat food does not dissolve plastic bags.

Could also be rodents.

it’s not rodents… there have not been any rodents here since the cat arrived.

Also rat has very tell tale marks, not neat little horizontal slits along the bag’s grains.

Or maybe they just come out when the cat is asleep.

Ziplock brand or something else?

Some other brand…

Have you tried storing Doritos to see if the same thing happens?


no, I don’t eat snacks so I keep nothing else in ziplock bags.

Then we’ll never know…

put a camara lol

Sounds like a hungry flat mate…LOL

Maybe they’re biodegradable. Things degrade pretty quickly in Taiwan

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It could be the solution to the global plastic waste crisis. You could be looking at a Nobel prize.

Yeah start a Gofundme

No. Again, cat food has oils, it degrades, the more you store it, the more turns into poison with a lot of mold and will kill your cat.

Roaches, bugs, rice mites, get to that food because it is fragrant. But mold is the worst.

BTW Costco food is really bad quality. What you save in food you will pay in vet bills.

Pet food should be stored in appropriate airless containers. If you use simple Ziploc, it still has a lot of air. Remember in Costco they have sealant machines? But still you have BPA to deal with.


have a pic?

we got in a big order of glass jar pressure seals. they shrink up and seem like they are melting when used with certain things. I think it is due to the essential oils having a chemical reaction with the seals. but it would never be actual cut marks. a pic would solve it. more likely the bags are getting cut on something when you put it in/take out. bag corners, ice crystals etc.

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but TS mentioned the bag looks like being cut.

if the food degrades the bag, it should be weakening of the entire bag, and not just a few lines (cuts) along the bag right?

I usually store cat food in its own plastic packaging.

Could you share some photos?

Yes. But bags have stretch marks that can split when certain chemicals evaporate and deteriorate the plastic until it eventually splits due to the stress (like a twist or bend).

Only a pic can rule out that theory
Also depends on the type of plastic.

Ideally glass is the go to but isnt space efficient, breakable, heavy and expensive.

We use glass for dry stuff not needing refrigeration like grains, pasta, herbs slices etc. Plus they are pest proof. Even rats tend not to be able to get through.

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