Does "digital nomad" have a standard translation?

Since the question of whether or not digital nomadism is legal keeps coming up, if we want to search for official statements on the topic, what term would we use? 數字遊牧 or something?

The Chinese I’ve seen most often is 數位遊民, but I gotta say, it sounds too much like 無業遊民 to my ears.

Google Translate suggests 數字游牧民族.

The main page of this site seems to use three terms, two that don’t involve the idea of being a nomad (of course, other terms may be used on the site): “數位遊牧” yields a few hits, but I don’t know how useful or relevant the hits are. “數位遊民” also yields a few.

But I haven’t found anything that looks like a rule, law, ruling, etc. Give me, say, six years to study Chinese full time. :slight_smile: