Does divorce affect an immigrant's ability to remain/naturalize?

may i ask if this is still the same until this year 2019

this year 2019, there are ways that foreign spouses under some conditions stay taiwan after they get divorced.

Iirc, ongoing naturalization may not be denied due to a divorce. This needs to be confirmed.

thank you. due to his domestic violence so i have ask about this… i want to know more…

Check if you can obtain an APRC.
If the purpose is to remain in the island, this is a easier path.

Some info is in the linked threads.

Iirc, NIA webpage has some info. I’ll look for it later.

Spouses got divorced due to domestic violence can stay taiwan. I’d consult with Immigrants center or women center. they may help you.

Taiwan eases rules on naturalization of foreign spouses
Date: 2016-12-12

The amended law also stipulates that foreign spouses who get a divorce after suffering from domestic violence and never get married again or those whose Taiwanese spouses have passed away but who still live with and take care of other family members, can stay in Taiwan and remain eligible for naturalization.In addition, the amendment will no longer require naturalization applicants to first renounce their citizenship in their home country. Instead, they can provide proof that they have abandoned their original nationality within a year after they become naturalized in Taiwan.

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Whoever resurrected this old thread, and tagged this new discussion onto it, obviously didn’t understand that these are completely different subjects. Also, the law on dual citizenship changed two years ago. Let the past die.


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What’s the law change ? Or which thread is that in? Thanks.

The original thread was about how some people renounce their original citizenships, then fail to get ROC citizenship, leaving them stateless. As of 2 years ago, the process is now to renounce afterwards, not before. So that particular problem is solved.

The later comments ask about visa status (ability to remain in Taiwan) after a divorce.

Thanks very much for the reply. Therefore, it would now be impossible to be stateless. Or if you are lucky your original country refuses your renunciation and you end up with two passports ?

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With the population rapidly aging, you would think they would allow young foreigners that would likely have kids get citizenship easily.


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What kind of foreigners is the key