Does FBI Background Check Need to be translated for work permit?

Does my FBI Background Check have to be translated to apply for a work permit?



Even if I have a DUI on my FBI background check. The extra pages don’t need translation?

Reassure me damnit, lol!

There isn’t such a stigma here against drunk driving. As long as you don’t have any violent or lascivious crimes you should be fine.

FYI, my work actually did require an English translation for the work permit.

Got my work permit a couple of weeks ago from a buxiban in Tainan. I had to make an English translation of the background check as well as my diploma. Fortunately I know Chinese well enough to do it, but I was only asked to write out the most important parts or the bolded parts. If you know somebody who has a little english under their belt you and he/she could knock it out in 15 minutes. Guess it depends on the employer and maybe the department/office which you are applying from.

I was told “Yes”. I had mine translated into Chinese by a local notary public and also notarized by the same person.