Does FedEx/UPS etc deliver on weekends/holidays?

There is an important delivery that I’m waiting on.

Am I out of luck until Monday at the earliest?

Any chance that Fedex/UPS (or the equivalent in Taiwan) will deliver during the Friday holiday or weekend?

Of course for regular mail no chance but I wonder if items with a tracking number might arrive.


Thanks, but I wonder if they deliver on Saturdays.

If it waznt shipped yet, use black cat. They delivery to many areas 7 days a week. More countryside areas maybe not sunday.

Highly dense population centers in taiwan have post office service half day on saturdays but never on sundays or stats.

Probably a dumb question, but is the tracking number giving you any useful information?

Mail certainly arrives at my apartment complex (in Danshui) on normal Saturdays. Not sure if it’d be the same for packages. But this weekend’s a bit weird because of the Thursday & Friday holidays - is this Saturday a typical Saturday, or another holiday?

Based on the link @tando gave above, FedEx won’t be delivering tomorrow - but is the package with FedEx, or something else?

You can’t do black cat if it’s coming from the states…

Only time I have stuff come in through a Taiwanese delivery company (Xingchu transport, black cat, etc.) is when ordering stuff from Taobao and selecting sea shipping. It gets handed over to a Taiwanese shipping company for door to door delivery.