Does it really take 4 weeks to get a new British passport in Taiwan?

I will be posting my application for a passport renewal tomorrow. According to the UK government site, it takes up to 4 weeks from the day they receive the application until you get your new passport. From those who have experience, does it really take this long or do they say this to cover themselves?

You can get a new passport on the same day in the UK, so I struggle to believe it takes 4 weeks here.

Well mine took a week from the time it was posted to the return delivery by DHL. However I guess they are covering themselves for busy times, or complications.

Thanks, just sent mine by EMS at the post office, cost $390 and it should take 4-5 days to arrive.

Be thankful you arent getting a canadian one. Usually around 4 to 6 but have waited 10 weeks once. Thats just a renewal and after the 2 days off work, finding professional referrences and being interrogated with their crap. Seems british passports are quite efficient and organized. How did the colony get so strange?

Dunno, I did mine in Canada last year.

They still wont give me a 48 page book like they used to.

Surprisingly, the last Italian one I did (in Toronto) was printed in front of me. Fast. Curious if the Italian office here has the same tech. Mine is up next year.

Last time did a taiwanese one because in a rush. Paid a few hundred nt extra and it was done that day. They did it qithout attitude to boot :slight_smile:

Canada will say “but thats why ours is regarded as so safe/secure worldwide (god save the queen)” etc. As if their inability to get things done is causing child starvation worldwide. The uk seems a step ahead still from its youngins in this regard.

God indeed save the Queen! But no amounts of security in a passport are gonna save her cause she doesn’t get a passport as she is citizen numero uno in Canada.

Jokes aside. I dont know who they are kidding.

It took a total of 23 days to get my first-ever British passport, from the day I submitted the application and documents until the day I received that beautiful burgundy book. I was in London the entire time, though.

My very first one took 9 weeks in canada and hours waiting in line to just give them the form.

My last one in taipei was a bit better 6 weeks.

Takes a week from initial application for renewal to having it in hand with NZ passports. That’s without the option for express. Also applied on a NZ public holiday which turned into a 3 day weekend, 4 working days and delivered in hand by DHL. Was impressed since it would have taken months if i applied for my AU passport, am dual citizen, and would have cost 4x as much. And chances are it wouldn’t arrive, Australia post is pure garbage, nothing I’ve had sent to me has arrived from them, work sent me a package from Sydney and got here in 3 days, also DHL.

I paid them like $50 extra and they got it back to me in a week. They seem to like money.

You pay the extra for express postage.

Oh no, I have a passport centre in my town. I picked up mine.

Possible for exhibition of approval process then. That’s lucky being able to pickup though!

British passports are expensive and if Brexit goes through we will get those beautiful old style ones again. I’m old enough to have had one and looks like I’ve gone full circle and will soon get another in a few months. Hopefully, we can still use the cheap looking red ones until expiry or will we have to immediately get the old style ones again ?Screenshot_20190303-182646_Chrome