Does Taiwan have wet markets, if so how sanitary

Most of people here and in Taiwan, do not seem to have health related problems to food (most not all). Most people do eat healthy but you do have bad choices so it’s up to you. An example New Zealand where there is lots of good food, but still 32% of the people have excess body fat (ie overweight or fat) and in general eat bad food. Or try a bogan style diet (VB, old meat pies…) Point being you can choose what you want to eat. I think most people here know what the local food is and can choose what they want, and to let you know you can also eat good or bad food and if you feel you do not want to wet market in Asia, be it Taiwan or Japan you do not have to.

It’s a mistake to assume that because the people are generally thin, they must be eating healthy, nutrient-rich, contaminant-free and hygienically-prepared food.

While you can find ways to eat healthier almost anywhere, I personally think it’s far more difficult in Taiwan than it is in many other Asian countries.

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You might not want to live in Australia if these stats are anything to go by

The biggest issue in food safety is food handling by the person doing the cooking and from having worked in restaurants in Sydney a long long time ago, I don’t think the standards are all that different from Taiwan. As for markets, have you been to Flemington markets? Not much different to the markets in Taiwan.

Organic food is often a little uglier.

Bestest Taiwan Wet Market Song Ever.
From the movie Zone Pro Site.

If you want to understand Taiwan culture and attitudes towards food, it’s a great move.
Going to the market now…

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