Does TARC holder need a working permit?

I am a foreigner, I got TARC through working in Taiwan. Recently, I am renouncing my original citizenship. Must I have a working permit to work in Taiwan? IF you get APRC, you can apply for a working permit by yourself. But it seems there are no similar criterias for TARC. Thanks

Wait wait. Did you get a TARC or an ARC?

if Taiwanese is your only nationality, you don’t need a work permit.

Though, you may need some other eligibility to keep your TARC, if you lose your work permit.
Unless you are doing naturalization.

I got a TARC(台灣地區居留證) with a Residence No. (10932xxxxxx) not an ARC. My original passport is expired and I cannot renew because I am renouncing now and waiting for a stateless. IF I apply for a working permit do I still need an original passport?

Hi Tando, Thank you very much for quick reply and useful information.
My situation are:
I am doing naturalization
I would like to change my job. And company doesnt know I need a working permit or not. (the old one based on recent company is still valid)
My passport is expired and cannot renew. (My renunciation is processing) so I havenot received the certification for a stateless.

Let me confirm.

You were on work based ARC.
Then applied for a naturalization, and convert your ARC to TARC.
Then you are waiting for the certificate of renunciation of your original nationality and your passport is already expired.


So, your residency is not a problem.

I’m sure you don’t need a work permit once you get a the certificate, but until then, I’m not sure.
You could ask to Workforce Development Agency of Ministry of Labor how you should do.

Thank you Tando,
Yes, right.
As schedule, I may get the certificate of renunciation in April. But the new company need to know now and then help to apply working permit.
Actually, I should know that situation and renew my passport before doing renunciation. I hope other people should care about that.
By the way, I will ask Workforce Development Agency of MOL
Thank again for your help.

Hello @Billy how are you! Do you have any updates on your case?
especially about do TARC holder need a working permit?

Billy is in a special situation because his passport is expired. If you are on TARC and had a marriage-based A(P)RC, you do not need a work permit, it will say so on the card itself. If you were on a work-based A(P)RC you still need a work permit which will still be valid since it is based on your passport.

If you renounce your original citizenship, you do not need a work permit since you don’t have a foreign passport anymore and nothing else but ROC Nationality.