Does the 20-30 day notice apply if I wanna leave my job upon expiration of my contract?

Assuming one is working on a fixed term contract which is expiring in less than a month and the contract says the employee who wishes to terminate the contract “during the term of this agreement” should give 30-day notice, can the boss force the employee to stay after expiration of the contract claiming that the 30-day notice applies and that the employee did not voice their decision not to renew their contract at least 30 before expiration?

Can anyone direct me to the relevant article in the labour act? All I could find was related to terminating an ongoing contract, not leaving after expiration.

I don’t know the laws, but I’m going to say this one is a no-brainer.

You are not terminating the contract, and you don’t have any obligation to sign another one.

I would be extremely surprised if you need to inform your employer that you don’t wish to sign another contact.

(But then again, Taiwan’s laws never cease to surprise me.)


I agree. And employers use this to their advantage. They usually create at least the suggestion of going to renew the contract. But whether they will is really a question until the last day. So why not return the favor.