Does Visa run on boat from Keelung still exist?

Hello All

A Canadian friend is here visiting me on a 2 month non-extendable visitors visa and would like to spend more time here with me [how nice!]…

I suggested he do a visa run on the boat as he really only needs another month here in Taiwan…

I can’t find any information regarding the boat that leaves from Keelung on this forum…does anyone know where I can find info & details about the boat trip?

Many thanks

There used to be a trip on Star Cruises that went around Yonaguni island and came back. They have since discontinued the service as it was unprofitable, but in any case I seem to remember that the only way it worked out significantly cheaper than a flight was if two or more of you went together. My advice - call up one of the travel agents listed elsewhere on this site and ask for their cheapest return ticket anywhere. Your friend gets a couple of days in Manila or Okinawa or someplace for under ten grand all in, comes back to Taiwan and spends another month in your wonderful company. :wink: