Does Your Mask Hang Low?

What with all the amusing variations of mask ‘wearing’ I witnessed while weaving a youbike through the throngs at the local riverside park this evening, the idea arose from the various thoughts I had neither intended nor wished to think, that I should sing “does your mask hang low?” to the tune of “do your balls hang low?”. A quick google shows that at least one person beat me to it, and indeed put together a pretty good video. However, before anyone goes there, I still think the idea stands. As an avenue for those who wish to vent about what they term chin diapers or Sanchong specials, or what you see as the silliness of having to wear a mask in the great outdoors and further than a binlang cup’s throw from anybody. Turn your frustration into creativity lest you end up as hot news for a certain paper/journalist/hack when your nervous breakdown ends up being filmed and shared on fb. Or at the least I wager that this forum could muster up some interesting lyrics.

PS It should hopefully go without saying that it be furthest from my wish that this thread become another jousting ground for the alarmed debate on these topics instead of an oasis of relief from that very same. Therefore I would appreciate it if all such posts could either attempt to frame their arguments within the form of the song, or if such limits prove too confining, insist that any such business be conducted in rhyme and meter at least acceptable to such wordsmiths as the Gallagher brothers. If it be terribly overdone (this opening salvo as a poorly done example hopefully soon to be bested) then the better, for anyone searching for covid threads to stumble in and pick a fight on, to remember that this posted in “fun and games”.
PPS Of course if I have misjudged and anyone is offended by my suggestion of finding mirth in such a gravely serious topic, may this post be disappeared and forgotten sooner than those visions we have to leave behind in the nocturnal realm of sleep.