Doesn't say much = doesn't think much either?

Tom, I enjoy a good chinwag pretty much anytime of the day or night. Any subject or topic will do. A good conversation ranks alongside good food, good music, and good sex as one of the uncomplicated pleasures in life.

I have little difficulty striking up, or holding my side in a convo. Can’t remember ever being yawned at :astonished: ! However I’m not all that comfortable with being the only one generating the talk, and getting monosyllabic replies.

Her English is pretty good, she’s been an English teacher for five years, and is just finishing up a degree in English. However, I understand her reluctance, I’m pretty shy speaking in her tongue.

Guess some people are more talkative than others. End of story.

If she is also quiet around her friends, then you can make a generalization that she is a quiet person.

If you want to flirt with her, silently count to 50 when you two are silent, then say something. The next time it’s quiet again, count to 50 before you talk. You might get good at counting!

If you want to fight, fight with the obnoxiously loud-mouthed guy. He’ll lap up the attention. The quiet girl will probably loathe fighting.

Twocs, you’re quite right! The girl despises fighting. The talker loves a good verbal jostle.

There is nothing wrong with moments of silence. I think people who are uncomfortable with silence are uncomfortable with themselves in some way.

More likely: talks constantly = doesn’t think much. I am surrounded by know-nothing half-wits who never shut up. It seems to me that the less a person knows about a subject, the more adamant they are that they are right. For (just one) example: Several times here in Taiwan I’ve had the pleasure of listening to a Taiwanese going on and on about Israel and Palestine, only to have them ask me, after about an hour, if Palestine and Pakistan are the same place.
Maybe it’s just that your girlfriend is highly intelligent and quiet?

To a degree. It’s useful to remember, though, that there are moments of silence and there are uncomfortable silences and the two can be quite distinctly different. Usually the latter only happens with someone just having said something incredibly stupid/outrageous/random, or when you’re really just not clicking.