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Hi guys,

Any recommendation on a dog hotel that doesnt keep your baby in a cage 24 hours? I’d like a place that really takes good care of the dogs in their care, any feedback would be great. Thanks!

We are trying out YoYo Dogs this week.

My fur baby will be there 13 days.

We toured it and loved it because dogs are allowed outside to play together most of the day.

I’ll let you know my experience once I return.

My experience with YoYo Dogs has been superb! My dog came home clean, healthy, & happy!

Her first stay was 3 weeks and her second stay was 2 weeks. The sitters noticed she had a red eye and contacted me immediately. They took her to their vet and got her eye medication (she’s always had allergies).

I highly recommend this place. Its fairly close to Taoyuan airport so we drop her off on our way out and have YoYo deliver her home once we get back.

Both times they have sent home pictures of her stay. They also have webcams so you can see your fur baby.

i’m still looking for a place in taipei. anyone able to offer help?

What dates are you looking for a dog sitter? My wife and I are home during the day and would be willing to watch your dog for 600NT/night.


First poster asked for recommendations for a dog hotel that doesn’t keep your baby in a cage 24 hours and really takes good care of the dogs in their care.
Ours! :grin:

Xiaobai Country Club for Dogs:

Visitors welcome!

We too have a pet hotel. We don’t keep dogs in cages.

We also run Taipei Dog Training

If your dog stays with us it will get 3 walks a day through a nature reserve.

We are certified dog trainers, certified groomers , and our trainers are taipei pet commerce association dog behavior experts, they regularly give lectures on behalf of animal protection. They also teach vet students canine body language and bite prevention.

Our hotel is fully licensed with animal protection and has all the appropriate and necessary insurance. Unlicensed places get closed down and the dogs seized if the owners are out of country. We also have 24 hour on call vets in case of emergencies.

my dogs go to YoYo dogs, I love how they send pictures of them during their stay.


陽陽寵物 YangYangPet
Safe secure very clean 10 minutes from the airport and 24 7 live video of your pet. Your dog is not put into a cage they have private rooms.

The staff here is very courteous and professional. They speak English and Chinese. Their rates are very very reasonable.

Dropped the dog off Monday morning,picked him up Friday night and was pleasantly surprised they only charged me by the night so instead of paying for 5 days only paid for 4 nights.Screenshot_20190508-121516_Maps Screenshot_20190508-121748_Maps

陽陽寵物 YangYangPet
33841, Taoyuan City, Luzhu District, 後面坑路
03 324 6692