Dog meat

Is there any restaurant in Taipei (or else in Taiwan) serving dog meat dishes, or having similar menu of Guangdong type kitchen ?

I think I’ve found the answer: … 3220071215
But illegal restaurants certainly exist.

I had it around 2000 at some place in Zhonghe - or somewhere south of the river in Taipei. Was driven there by a friend and don’t remember the location. The same shop also sold ginger duck though. Dog may still exist out there somewhere, but I have not noticed any in the couple of months I’ve been back.

Scrumptious stuff. It tastes kind of like fatty game.

It is still pretty common in China, though less so than a decade ago. But it is always hard to find a restaurant that cooks it well. The places that sell tend to be be a bit crappy. It seems most popular in Fujian/Guangdong/Guangxi/Guizhou, and in the North East (mostly in ethic Korean restaurants). Guangxi seems particularly full of dog meat restaurants, many of which serve the liver - so pungent it’s quite revolting.

Overall I find Koreans cook it better than Chinese.