Dog poo poll

How long did it take you for a dog poo miss-step

  • Days after arrival
  • Weeks after arrival
  • Months after arrival
  • Years after arrival (I don’t believe you)
  • Never! (newbie)
  • Never have and (cross my fingers) never will (long timer)

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How long did it take you to step in your first pile of dog doo? A few weeks ago after 6 months of poo free walking I had a miss-step :frowning: . I had been really good at avoiding it, but do to reduced visibility (from rain) I broke my streak. But since I was already on the way home and it was raining it wans’t a difficult situation to deal with.

Let’s see the results. :smiley:

Vaguely on topic, but is poo poo is word? As far as I’m concerned it’s f@#$ing baby talk and that’s it. I’m sick and tired of hearing this stupid word from students.

And on that note, I think I have to go pee pee :laughing: .

Haven’t stepped on dog shit yet, but that’s because I live in a manicured place where people keep their dogs inside.

I have not heard of “poo” as a word, but “poop” yes. Damn, but Google has numerous hits for dog poo.

poop [4] (pUp) n., v. <pooped, poop

and who live in manured place?[/quote]

Most here. Watch out, or you’ll end up stepping in something smelly, warn and recently laid.

I thought I’d stepped in some dog plop when I got off the bus last night and the overpowering stench followed me along the road. But then I realized that the allotment beside the road had been freshly manured with large amounts of dung – can’t say whether it was human or other, but I wouldn’t want to consume any of those veggies.

The last place I lived in was a real dog-plop minefield. It was at the end of a no-through road, and a favourite place for dog-owners to bring their pets for a squat. The parking spaces outside our building were always dotted with dog turd of every color and consistency, and one had to be extra careful with every step. It was especially dangerous coming home after dark, and even with the utmost caution, I sometimes made a fatal misstep. More than once I threw away a perfectly good pair of shoes because I wasn’t willing to take that stink upstairs with me and couldn’t hope to remove all the shit from the grooves on the sole (one of the great disadvantages of the modern sports shoe). How I cursed those dog-owners and wished I could rub their noses in the mess they allowed their pets to leave outside other peoples’ doors. I love dogs, but have much less charitable feelings for the large percentage of their owners who are manifestly unfit to keep them as pets.

Maybe I have stepped in dried stuff, but I am always cautious about where I step. I even go out of my way to avoid water on pavement because you never know the source nor what was put into that water before it was put on the sidewalk or street. I think the closest I have come to stepping in poo was walking through a night market, but that was just the odor of chou doufu. I take that back. My former roommate’s football/feline punching bag of a dog once shat in my house shoes. But I spotted it long before I could have put my foot in it. Molecules of that dog would be hard to find if I had put it on. Then again, when it is trained to use the living room floor for a toilet by a Taiwanese girl with a really annoying, high-pitch nasally voice from hell and receives less stimulation than a glass of lukewarm water, I shouldn’t have expected too much.

Here’s to knocking on mental wood to ensure that irony doesn’t strike me and make me step in a big steaming pile of greenish yellow stuff when I finish typing this…

Omni wrote[quote]). How I cursed those dog-owners and wished I could rub their noses in the mess they allowed their pets to leave outside other peoples’ doors[/quote]You know Omni, I’ve witnessed quite a few dogs taking a crap on the footpath (sidewalk) in my time in Taiwan and have this to say this - more than most of the time the dogs are strays.

Strays I’d never blame for pooing anywhere – how are they to know any better? But where I was living then, there weren’t any strays. However, half the community residents took their dogs to the end of the road to let it all out, with the responsible ones making sure they did it among the vegetation or scooping up and taking away, but the ones who need a little nose-in-shit lesson not giving a damn where they dumped as long as they thought there was no one looking.

I sometimes thought about setting up a camera to try to catch them at it, and then delivering the stuff back to their doorstep (or even better, into their mailbox) when I knew who they were – but that would have been way too much trouble, albeit highly satisfying. Funnily enough, last time I went back there, I noticed that someone on the second floor had set up a camera pointing at the road – I don’t know if that was for security purposes or whether he had decided to try to catch the leavers of those unwelcome dollops brown-bottied.

Here’s to knocking on mental wood to ensure that irony doesn’t strike me and make me step in a big steaming pile of greenish yellow stuff when I finish typing this…[/quote]

Would a slight skid on a steamless dollop of brownish-black stuff be more acceptable?

Heh heh, speaking of which, you know how if you don’t have an efficient rear mudflap, the water sprays off the back wheel and up your back? Well then, pity the poor orange-haired scooter monkey I saw a week or two ago, doing his usual high-speed scooter monkey dodge and weave through the traffic and … straight over a large puddle of fresh corn-filled doggy squirts. His rear mudflap was indeed inefficient and his white t-shirt ended up with an interesting, almost Pollockesque design right up the middle of it. It quite put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Man’s best friend, indeed.

14 years ago, as my very superstitious wife and I were getting into my car to go to the JP to get married, I stepped in a pile of the foul stuff and angrily cursed what I mistakenly deemed my bad luck.

My wife, however, exclaimed, much to my surprise, that this was in fact a good omen, so long as I hadn’t purposely stepped in the stuff. I assured her that I most definitely did not step in the mess on purpose as I scraped as much of it off on the road and lawn, and she seemed perfectly content as we drove off to the JP.

That was April 4, 1989, and although I’m not wealthy to the point of being able to retire just yet, (a fortune teller consulted by my wife predicted that I would attain great wealth before my 45th birthday), our marriage has been fun, interesting and without serious difficulty. We have a good boy and a nice dog (and we clean up after him… the dog that is). In short, our house is a very very very fine house… And I’ve still got another five years to go on that furtune teller’s prediction of wealth and riches, and recently, finances are finally starting to look up for us.

Anyone else ever hear that inadvertantly stepping in dog doo was good luck?

The first time I took my new dog for a walk she dropped an unexpected steamy one right in front of a newly opened breakfast restaurant as I was waiting for my order. I scooped it up and apologized to the owner, who said, “No problem, it’s good luck.”

Anyone else ever hear that inadvertantly stepping in dog doo was good luck?[/quote]

I’ve been told that many times, stepped in dog poop many times and have been riding a wave of good luck for the past three years or so. I still haven’t got up the courage to go to a fortune teller, though–afraid of what they might tell me.

well, you know what they said:
“when it rains, it pouP”


I don’t know about dog poop, but I know bird poop is supposed to be good luck if it lands on your shoulder. I’ve always thought things like that were the b.s. people said to the unfortunate ones to make them feel less like an idiot.

My sister got bombed by a seagull once when she was a little kid. I swear there was about a pint of the stuff all over her, soaked right through her clothes and into her skin. She sure didn’t feel lucky, and neither did any of her brothers and sisters forced to sit beside her in the car afterwards!