Dog Quarantine During COVID

My wife is ABT with a Taiwanese passport and I am going to be starting my PhD at a university in Taiwan. We have previously lived in Taipei and gone through the process of importing and quarantining our dog, as all dogs from the USA are required due to rabies concerns. However, now that she and I will need to quarantine for 14 days and the dog’s quarantine is only 7 days, does anyone know what will happen after the dog quarantine is finished? Would a friend or family member be able to pick him up from his quarantine location and drop him off to us? Or, would he need to stay at the quarantine location until we can pick him up?

If anyone has information that would clear this up, please reply. Extensive searching hasn’t uncovered anything about this so far.

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Also, I should mention that we have a family home to quarantine in rather than a quarantine hotel. So, hotel regulations won’t be an issue.

I have asked around. Before the regulations were tightened, apparently you could have someone pick up and deliver your dog. That was a while ago and still need confirmation. I would call 1922 and ask the authorities.

I think places like Xiaobai country club for dogs may take the dog, who would need a walk and fresh air after the trip.

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Thanks! Will update when we get more info.

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Ok, so I can finally update this topic a bit…

First of all, when moving to Taiwan, be sure that the veterinarian that performs the rabies titer test is either OIE certified ( or is on the list of accepted veterinarians for Taiwan (Quarantine for Dogs/Cats(Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspec)). Unfortunately, the vet that we saw in the country where we were located told us that the national reference laboratory for Serbia would be accepted, which was incorrect. We found this out only 2 months before our planned move. So, my wife will need to stay in the USA until our dog’s titer test that has been performed by the USDA lab is 6 months old and I will move to Taiwan in July and pickup our dog after he is done with his quarantine while my wife completes the second week of her quarantine.

From speaking with the national vets in Taiwan, there seems to be no particular changes to importing pets to Taiwan through COID.