Dog rescuer killed in Taoyuan

On Monday evening, there was a TV news report that a Taoyuan man who rescues stray dogs has been killed in a traffic accident. He had over 100 dogs in his care. According to the report, he was taking a dog to be neutered when he saw another stray dog by the road. When he stopped his van and got out to attend to the stray, he was hit by another vehicle and killed on the spot.

Friends said that he was an active philanthropist as well as an animal lover. The report did not say what will now happen to the 100+ dogs in his pound.

Wow, that’s horrible. He was local right?

He was a Taiwanese man.

Rest his soul. Poor guy.

not to hijack this thread, but monday was not a good night in taoyuan: …

not the same dude, but there really seems to be a lot of this going on. take care of yourselves.