Dog v bear. Naughty doggy

Hehe. Jealous dogs can be really naughty.

“Dog destroys £40,000 Elvis teddy”

That’s awesome. Not good awesome, but funny awesome.

My theory is Elvis possessed the teddy bear and taunted Barney.

It was probably the “you 'aint no friend of mine” line that was the trigger.
“Grrrrr, rrrowwf, woof WOOF WOOF grrrrrrrrrrowwwwwl,” which translated into Pinscher reads: “Oh yeah, can your mother sew? Well get her to stitch THIS, you greasy-haired hillbilly!”

All in all, it’s just a stuffed bear. Good on yer, Barney. :wink:

What next? Dogs guarding the sausage factory store room?

I thought everyone knew that dogs don’t like teddy bears… :s

I hope Barney is not punished in any way for this.