Doggy blood needed asap

Dear formosans,

I just rec’d an email from a friend who has a friend with a dog that needs a blood trransfusion asap.

Her email is as follows:

Pobi, my friend Alen’s dog, is an eight-year-old dog(snoopy dog, photo is attached).

He or she used to be energetic, cute, and caring. But now Pobi’s health is in a dangerous condition–severely anemia, critically ill.

Veterinarian told Alen that he has to find a dog transfusing blood to Pobi in 2 or 3 days, or Pobi will…:’(

One way to save Pobi’s life is to find a more than 20-KG dog to transfuse? donate? blood immediately.

The other way is to forward this letter to anyone that is willing to give him a hand.

If you know anyone that can help Pobi, please contact Alen Yang ( 楊宗烈 ) at minimax design co.
t. 886-2-23659981 #27
f. 886-2-23659909
m. 093595974

Or his friend Annie at 0921 193 191 .

Crossing fingers and thanking you.


I am not sure why this was moved to this forum. It is a medical emergency which requires maximum exposure. The post would have better visibility in the pets nd animals forum. It is not an adoption or a ‘rescue’. Can it please be moved and feel free to delete it after a few days if you must keep things so well organized. Thank you!

I agree, this is not the right forum for this thread. PM Maoman and I think he will move it back for you. It is an emergency, and I’m sure he will understand.

This said, doesn’t AT have a dog over 20kg that can donate some blood? Doesn’t AT have any large dogs?

I hope the vet figures out what causes anemia, or else a blood transfusion will not help very much. It will only buy the pooch a little time and I’m not sure it’s worth it if whatever causes the anemia is incurable. A negative reaction to a transfusion the like of a severe flaring allergy is very common, and it can be VERY uncomfortable. Blood transfusions are risky.

Best of luck.


But dont dogs have blood types too? OR any blood will do?

[quote=“tommy525”]But dont dogs have blood types too? OR any blood will do?[/quote]There are different blood types in dogs but any blood will do. It’s not like ABO for people. It is still disputed among specialists. There are at least 8 blood types in dogs, but some scientists argue that there could be up to 12 different blood types. Dogs who test negative for an antigen called DEA 4 are ideal donors, but this is the equivalent of finding a rare AB negative blood type in humans.

Basically, what vets do is they use whatever blood they can get their hands on(most of the time) and they monitor the animal that receives the blood closely. At the first signs of allergy or rejection, the transfusion is then aborted and the dog is administered a strong dose of antihistamine.


My dog Chocolate has just (been) volunteered to donate. The AT vet calls him a super-donor, as he can give a lot of good quality blood very quickly. His blood also has high levels of babesiosis antibodies, which, in my experience, is one of the most common causes of acute anaemia.

I’m waiting for the other dog’s owner to call me back. Fingers crossed Chocolate will be a lifesaver once again (three times so far, bless him).

He does it for a steak.

I’m not sure emegencies should be included in a ‘casual browsing’ forum. We usually want requests for emergency help to go out to as many people as possible. Remember the loss of property that occured after irishstu posted ‘Help! My house is on fire!’ in the events forum?

If the ‘Maoman needs your help!!!’ thread had originally been buried in a classifieds forum, we’d never have had the outpouring of help and support that we did within 30 minutes of Gustav being hit by a garbage truck and disappearing, with a dozen or so Forumosans out in the middle of the night searching for the hapless Lab.

Mind you, I still think that whole game was fixed . . .

FYI, all the emergency numbers and contacts/threads are in the main forum, too. People will be looking here for that kind of info. Maybe we can think of something better. :ponder:


Good news. I just rec’d this email:

[i]Thank you for your help.

Here is good news.

Alen told me that Pobi got blood transfusion this afternoon. :smiley:

He does appreciate what your friends and you did for Pobi.

Also, he feels very sorry to make you feel uncomfortable and worried.

Anyway, thanks trillion!

Let’s pray for Pobi. :slight_smile:[/i]

So thank you all, and special thanks to Chocolate!! :bravo: And I guess I should thank Stray Dog as well for passing on the message to Chocolate and organizing his appointments! :notworthy:

Erm … Chocolate wasn’t contacted. He was a bit disappointed. Sat waiting in his superhero cape for such a long time.

Glad the dog got the blood though. Do let me know if Choc can help later.

:aiyo: That’s not cool. Stray Dog, do give my apologies to Choc. The job of a superhero isn’t an easy one. But all the same, I do want to thank you both for this and your many other acts if bravery and kindness.

… so does that mean Chocolate doesn’t get a steak?

Xien Tsao is only 15 kg. I guess the 20 kg minimum is pretty important, eh? My little dog weighs in at 3kg, so she ain’t getting no streak. Ever.

15kg would be plenty big enough to provide a blood transfusion for your 3kg pet rat. :wink: It’s just the bigger the dog is, the more blood it can safely donate. A 15kg dog will need at least a 20kg donor, but any amount of blood would help. It’s considered too risky to use blood from two or more dogs at once so it’s necessary to find a single donor.

You might be able to save a mouse or a chipmunk with a blood donation from your little dog. :laughing: :wink:


You made me laugh. Thanks.

Any further word on the pooch who needed the donor? How’s the recovery shaping up?