Domain Registrars in Taiwan

I’m exploring the possibility of setting a online store so I am debating whether to use Shopify or set up own website. In any case, I would need to register a domain with SSL with a local registrar. After trawling past posts, I collated a list with those still in operation:

鼎嘉數位有限公司 (

I am pleasantly surprised that the last company on the list 鼎嘉數位有限公司 has an English option and its domain is relatively cheaper than most. I am wondering if anyone has used this company for domain and hosting services?

Or if anyone can recommend another company with a English interface and good English customer service support, that would be great for comparison.

GoDaddy supports .tw TLD for $29.99/yr

I do not use them, so can’t give recommendation.

But it looks like the owners of GoDaddy suck.

Yeah, I was very tempted to go with GoDaddy as it’s quite easy to register. But no way after I saw the renewal cost for another domain I bought last year…NT$2534! Plus with all the upsell and emails that I get…No no.

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There is also but with higher cost of 31.49 USD and renewal 41.99 USD

I often use

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There are definitely better options than godaddy… sleazy company.

I use , they have .tw domains for $34 per year.

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