Donairs in Taipei?

Recently I realized I haven’t had a decent donair in over 4 years.
Does anyone know of a restaurant in Taipei that sells proper donairs? I’ve checked out Mykonos already, and they do have a pita sandwich thingy. It’s not quite a proper donair though – with the special meat strips, garlic sauce, etc.

My grandmother always dons airs when she answers the telephone. :laughing:

All this talk about Hummus and Donair is making me CRAZY!!!
I’ll take a falafel too!

Ahhh! Doner! Schmooshed up sheep lips and anuses. Yummy!

People tell me that real kebabs from - well, anywhere other than the UK really - have something inside that is visibly identifiable as meat, rather than something hacked off a large tube of reformed, oozing grey substance.

I had a kebab in Carnegie’s a couple of Wednesdays ago and it passed the taste test; i.e. it tasted good half-eaten in the morning (or was it afternoon?), when I rejoined the land of the living. It was lamb but they do a chicken tikka one too which I’ll have tonight after a lot of beer.

sheepshagger: tks for the suggestion. Just finished the one I bought last night about 10 minutes ago. They get better with age.

There’s nothing better after a night of drinking than a donair platter or a pita sandwich…God I miss these foods.