Donating blood in Taiwan 🩸

Rick Monday emailed this out to friends and posted it on his Facebook feed this morning. I spoke to him about getting the word out. I’ll find time to go - I hope you can, too

Next week foreign residents are donating blood to say thanks to Taiwan’s health care system for keeping us safe. The media attention should result in overall blood donation to help alleviate the shortage of blood.

The center at Fu Xing North Rd. #69 - 5th floor is across the street from exit 7 of the MRT stops servicing the Brother Hotel. It’s two minutes from exit 7.

You must bring your American, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand passport. (Europeans cannot donate)

Donors’ age limits are 18 to 65 years old. If you’re over 65 years old - please forward this to someone under 65.

Bring your address in Chinese so they can contact you if your blood is rare.

Tattoos have to be at least one year old,

You can not have traveled outside of Taiwan within the past three months.

O Negative blood is in demand.

It takes 30 minutes to see a doctor and donate. It’s painless.

(Will add links to the TBSF form)

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It is worth pointing out at this stage that many people from Europe are likely to be ineligible after reading the following question in the registration form. This would also include any non-Europeans who have spent longer than 3 months in Europe during the specified period. During this period of time, Mad Cow Disease was around. The correct medical term for Mad Cow Disease is Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD). Answering yes to this question will automatically disqualify you from donating blood in Taiwan.
QUESTION 24. Had stayed in the UK for a cumulative period of 3 months or more from 1980-1996, or had stayed in Europe for cumulative period of 5 years from1980 till now? Had received blood transfusion in England or France since 1980?


Europeans aren’t going to look very good after this.

I went to donate recently. I remember the question about staying in GB.
But not about living in Europe for 5 years after 1980’s.

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I hope the blood supply is not contaminated now.

I will stop by and have a look at the questions again. You can request your blood not to be used.
I have been donating blood in Germany without problems.

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That’s cool. I was only joking, but maybe it would actually be worth it to check.

Just a friendly reminder that donating blood is a great way to give back to the community. I understand we are in the midst of a blood shortage



This sounds a bit invasive. Is it normal for a healthcare system to nab your address so they can hound you for your O neg juices?

I think so.



I gave a lot many years ago until they said we don’t want your blood anymore, mad cow!

giving blood is a great way to reduce iron and haematocrit levels

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It’s weird if all of Europe is off limits, i think mad cow was mostly a British thing.

It would mean some work to access the risk from each European country, so let’s just block all of them forever. Cha Bu Duo

No need for scientific explanation, irrational fear will do.
In Germany, a population of 63 million at that time, there were 415 cases. Mostly between 2001 and 2006.


There’s so few Europeans here they don’t care I guess.
They would change it if it was Canada or America I guess because so many Taiwanese flying over and back .
Feels bad to be discriminated against. But you get used to it in Taiwan.

Any way to know where the buses will be on next days/weeks?

Here is the registration form in English:

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Where can I donate my blood?