Donating blood in Taiwan 🩸

Are they still accepting donations even with the current Level 3 restrictions?


In Taiwan blood donations are not monetarily compensated.
Donation centers usually have free drinks and snacks.

If there is a shortage the mobile donation buses are mobilized and they are giving out more stuff to attract more donors.
Today in Caotun they added free masks and 300 TWD voucher for Pxmart.


And you’re still going out to donate blood these days?!
Kudos! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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The blood reserves are very low at the moment! Everyone stays inside and some donation locations are closed.

Me and in-laws all went. Four people donated.
Covid19 situation around Nantou is not too dramatic.
We are all AZ vaccinated with one shot. End of the month is the booster.
I was thinking they would mark the blood donations with covid19 antibodies to use in serious covid19 cases. But they just wanted to know if the vaccination was more than two weeks ago.


I don’t know if foreigners antibodies would be helpful.
It’s that like an indirect vaccination?

Maybe my assumption is wrong. But I think a blood transfusion from a vaccinated person will help an unvaccinated to curb a covid-19 infection temporarily. Not quite an indirect vaccination as the recipients body will not be stimulated to produce more antibodies.
This discussion should be better done in a different thread.

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I really want to donate blood, but I’m not allowed to, as I’m apparently a filthy disease-ridden African with HIV.
I know that I don’t have HIV, as I was tested a while back. I’m also pretty sure that I don’t have leprosy, as my head isn’t falling off. I also seem to have avoided smallpox, as the absence of pustules confirms.
What’s with that shit? Don’t they want blood?

Everyone from Europe who lived there over 5 years is also not allowed. (see start of this thread)
I can donate because I spent most of my life outside of Europe.

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I guess I’m luckier than some of you. All I have to do is agree to be celibate with my partner for the next five years and I’m golden.

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Don’t worry. Brits can’t donate blood in the US.

I’m not worried. I just think it’s impolite, racist and uncouth.

But, hey, they don’t want my blood? No skin off my banana.

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本次您的捐血檢驗結果均符合捐血標準。下次 可捐血日期為110年09月06日以後。

This was my fifth donation in Taiwan.

They would not let me donate at first. Said I have to live in Taiwan for at least three years before I could do it. I have a feeling they just did not want to deal with the hassle when they saw a foreigner. :sideeye:

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You are eligible to donate even though you are European? Do you get around the mad cow disease rule?

How can you donate? You’re from Europe. Are they desperate?

" or had stayed in Europe for cumulative period of 5 years from 1980 till now?"

I donated for a long time, at home and in Taiwan. Suddenly in the early 2000’s they didn’t want my blood anymore, MAD COW!

They never told me that.



Here is more info on that rule:

I’m not MAD, their loss!