Don't take your gf to stay at Vatican City

Apparently many hotels splits the bed if you’re not married lol. We got into our room and it was 2 single beds I joked maybe it’s because we are not married and it’s Vatican City. We got the married couple suites and they won’t give it to us. We went down and they told us it’s because we are not married. I guess I shouldn’t ask them where the cardinals have their drug fueled gay orgies.

Hey at least they let you in.
Try going to Mecca.


Unless you’re inside the walls of the Vatican, you are in Italy. So it’s a hotel preference.

We are inside the walls as far I know. We are literally next to saint peters square. The address says Vatican City

At least they let you share a room without a chaperone.

Maybe you’ll see the Pope at breakfast.

There is a whole suburb in Rome called the Vatican City which is not the official diplomatic Vatican City. Its all outside the gates of the actual real Vatican City.

So I am not inside the Vatican City? You’re confusing me

They’ll give you a married couple suite if you promise to go to confession. And not use any birth control.

The drug fueled gay orgy was held at the apartment of one Luigi Papozzi, a secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, It is located in the Ex Sant’Uffizio Palace, next door to Vatican City proper. The apartment had been previously tenanted by Joseph Ratzinger, later Benedict XVI.

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Maybe check a map, wikipedia, ask someone there or ask on TripAdvisor forums…

I didn’t know you could sleep overnight in Vatican City without special invitation.

Was she immodestly dressed? You know it’s offensive to walk around a religious country flaunting your feminine charm without so much as a veil…

Hey, you’re just refused to get a double-bed room.
If you go there alone as a single man, I’m afraid something much more dangerous will happen to you.
If I have to go there alone, I’ll need a female bodyguard to protect me. LOL.

Admit it, you slept better without a woman stealing the blankets.

You’re not in Vatican City, there is no public hotels there.

Sounds expensive staying at the Vatican. When I start making the big bucks like the OP then I’ll look into it. For the time being, Japan trips are all any Taiwanese girlfriend needs to be happy.

OP, you sound you’re staying here

Rome has many hotels, but only one of them is located directly on St. Peter’s Square (Vatican): Residenza Paolo VI, the ideal place for those wishing to stay in the heart of Christendom, close to St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Grottoes, the Necropolis, St Peter’s and Saint John Paul II’s tombs, the Vatican Gardens and St. Angel’s Castle. Walking along the Vatican Wall, it’s easy to reach the Vatican Museums and visit the famous Sistine Chapel.

Just outside the border of Vatican City.

With or without a partner, Japan trips are all I need to be happy! :smiley:


Japanese trips can be just as expensive from my experience depending on where you’re staying and what you’re doing. Plus if you’re a big eater like me, I found the price of eating to be really high and hard to satisfy. Usually I have to run to a ramen place after a meal or something since their portions are so damn small sometimes.

But Italy is certainly pricy if you’re living on Taiwanese wages. Food really added up for me since we went for really authentic Italian places. No less then 50 euros for lunch and dinner can quickly added up to 100 euros even at small mom and pop places. That’s about 2-3k ntd a meal for two.

Italy is pricey for Italian wages, which is like, the same as Taiwanese wages.

Idk why anyone would stay in the Vatican City proper … why not just get a place in Italy?