Double ten questions

Probably too late on this but when is the parade? Couldn’t find it on google I must be blind.
And what else is going on for the day?
Also, is tomorrow considered a holiday as well? I need to go to the bank but will everything be closed up?
Thanks everyone

Four day holiday Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun for government workers, office workers, engineers …Some shop staff and restaurant staff keep working. The parade is nearly always by the presidential palace.

Got it ok that saves me the hassle of going down to the bank finding it’s closed, thanks
Do you know when the parade is? I read that it’s in the morning but couldn’t find an exact time. Probably happening right now lol

I don’t know when. But yeah probably this morning.

Is there really a “parade”? Usually there’s a celebration in front of the Presidential Palace.

Ya there was a parade it was pretty neat but of course can not compare to parades in New Orleans Haahaha

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Cool. I’ve never seen a parade here except the pride, a funeral, temple procession, or political protest.

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That sounds awesome I want to see all of those!

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Anyone know if there are fireworks I’m Taipei tonight?

I hope you’re enjoying it. : P