Downloading Taiwanese tax forms

Is there some place that I can download the tax forms that I need to file with the Taiwanese government? I have searched this forum and found a couple of links but all of them are dead.


I’ve used this official software, checked by my company’s accountant (Taiwanese). You fill it in following steps in the software, then choose to upload info online. My accountant suggested I rather use cash payment instead online one, so I’ve printed out all files necessary (again following the software), paid in 7-11 and send receipt to the local tax office (you’ll get a printout with address that you can stick onto envelope) by registered mail. Last year did it same way, and didn’t get in trouble :slight_smile:

Thank you! I think that should be made a sticky!

Do I have to go to the tax office near Taipei Main Station to do my taxes? Or can one do it online and at 7-11? Can the cashier at 7-11 give you a refund if you got one, or do you set up a direct deposit or have to get a check or something like that?

I would probably still prefer to go to the place in person, I’m old fashioned like that. Is there a special office for foreigners where the workers speak English?

Please advise. Thank you.

not sure about the refund, but I doubt you would get it in 7-11, they can probably transfer it to your bank account. But not sure, as I always have to pay :confused:
I’ll try to ask my company’s accountant who always helps me with my taxes~~

Ok, talked to our accountant. She says, you can do it with the same software, again - follow the steps, it’s in English, and click next, next, next.
She say there will be a choice how you want the return be done - by wire transfer or you can print some kind of paper slip and it will tell you where to take it to get money. She suggest using bank account that is signed on your name and insert it there.

She made it sounds easy, and I must say generally the software is straight forward and the explanations clear, so I would give it a try.

Where do I send/take my tax forms once they are complete? I worked in Toufen, in Miaoli County.