... Downtown Taipei?

People reference this in many posts and conversations, but I can’t place the area in my head.

Where exactly is this mythical place? The closest I can think is the Dunhua S. Road area near Zhongxiao East Road. Does anyone have a better universal definition, or is this a case of using a western term that doesn’t work in an Asian city?

Whenever I hear the word “downtown Taipei,” I usually think about Sogo…

I think of the area around the Zhongxiao-Fuxing MRT station.

It’s a slippery so and so. Used to be around the Train Station, then around Zhongxiao-Fuxing, now it seems to be heading toward the development around the 101.

Anywhere between the rivers.

Downtown Taipei is anywhere you want it o be … easy

So, it’s a useless term that just seeks to confuse. Hot!

From Banciao, go North until you smell it then East until you step in it.

Downtown refers to the area around Taipei main station. The area around 101 and Warner is the East End. Ximending is the West End. Tianmu is uptown. The Shida/Taida area is Soho (south of Hoping), and Sanchong is the Bronx.

Whenever I go downtown, I go to The Tavern. So The Tavern must be downtown then.

There’s a zoo in Sanchong??

Whole Taipei is a zoo.

Whole Taipei is a zoo.[/quote]

I Hear ya!