Dr. Eye service sucks

I bought the Professional Edition of Dr. Eye 8.1 and found it an improvement over the useless 7.0. Everything was fine until my hard drive crashed. I’ve tried installing Dr. Eye from the CD but it demands that I register it. Thing is, the registration process won’t take the reg. number i have saved in my email. It says my copy is illegal but I bought it from the yellow electronics store and have never loaned it out.

I used the “contact service” option and got an automatic reply to go elsewhere. I found there supposed website in Chinese and sent them an email, only to find out it was the Singapore site.

I’m getting pretty pissed off now. The Singapore guys said they can’t help and told me to “try China.”


None of these worked then? I just called 27609996 and it said the office was closed and call back in the morning.

Dr.eye Han Easy Ver.1.0
Shanghai Service Hotline: +86 21 54261272
Shanghai Service Fax: +86 21 54261243
Shanghai E-mail: service@dreye.com.cn
Service Time: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00 (except holidays)

Dr.eye 7.0 International Version
Singapore Service Hotline: (65)68417966
Singapore Service Fax: (65)68417866
Singapore E-mail: dreye_support@besta.com.sg
Service Time: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00 (except holidays)

Dr.eye 6.0 English Version
Taiwan Service Hotline: (02)27609996
Taiwan Service Fax:
Taiwan E-mail: service@dreye.com

I finally got a nice response from them by email. They said that my 8.1 registration may have gotten screwed up with my 7.0 registration number. It should be fixed soon. The different versions in different countries when you try to get service is pretty confusing.


Did you get Dr. Eye running again on your computer?

BTW, this is the email that I used to contact customer servcice: 客服 service@dreye.com
and they were pretty quick and helpful in their responses.

You might want to change the Subject of this post from “Dr. Eye service sucks” to… “Dr. Eye service” or sthg less negative. Is it possible to change?

Harold, you work for Dr. Eye. If you didn’t want anyone to start a thread that says the service sucks, you are too late. Offer good service and you will make money and not get complaints. The idea of treating the customer right is verry difficult for Chinese - even before the sale. After the store has the customer’s money, forget it.

I had a problem with Dr. Eye service also and got zero help until I spent half my day to go out to the main office. They fixed my problem (but only after I showed up in person); a phyrric victory.