Dragon beard candy 龍鬚糖

These are yummy - where do they sell them in Kaohsiung (when it’s not Chinese New Year)?

Google says several locations:

This locations
Address: 高雄縣內門鄉溝坪村華園39之1號
Phone: 07-6601829

seems to have a really famous 龍鬚糖 master… but it’s a bit far. And even though there are facebook and websites for the place, there is a post back in 2011 saying it’s closed. Not sure…

Another place is:
高雄市美濃區中興路一段147號 (a bit far) and 高雄市旗山區大林里溝坪路65號 (also a bit far)

Also saw people saying Fengshan’s 天公廟 may have a stand