Drifters Pizza Pub Waiao Beach

Has anyone been here? How is the pizza? And do they have any night time activities like live music and stuff?

Drifters Pizza Pub
No. 231, Section 2, Binhai Road, Toucheng Township, Yilan County, 261
03 978 9488

I thought it closed down last year or so? Haven’t been there in a long time.
Pizza was ok, nothing special but better than some “taiwanese style” pizzas. Last time I went there I remember some live music, but i didn’t stay until late. There was also a huge projector used to display stuff on the wall, can’t remember what though…
It’s right outside of the train station.
Again, no idea if it’s still open.

Find this on the Facebook page

Just ate there on Tuesday. I really like the crust, toppings are sparse, but that is typical of pizza in Taiwan. Owner very cool guy and they have lots of music there. If in WaiAo. it’s really your only option. Luckily, it’s a good one.

What is this kind of pizza called (the kind they serve here)? When I ate it was not puffy or chewy (which we get in normal pizza places).

Outer portion of pizza (2-3 inches) was hard to bite. Overall pizza seemed over-burnt.

Plus the ambiance needs improvement. How hard could it be to clean-up the ground?

Also ate here recently, crust was totally burnt and did not rise properly. If you’ve ever failed at baking a loaf of bread, it was just like that - “cooked dough”, hard as a rock with no air pockets, rather than baked into a fluffy crust. (Even a thin crust should have fluffy air pockets.) Combination of bad ingredients, bad dough preparation, and bad cooking technique - one of the guys opened the oven at least a dozen times in the few minutes our pizzas were cooking.