Drink and drive


Hello Friends,

I just need a solution for the drink and drive case. If anyone has a solution, it will be appreciated.
In this year of 19th Jan one of my friend drink and drive, police caught him and took him to the nearest police station. His alcohol level is 0.26 mg/lit.

Now he got a letter from labor dept. where is written down he has 30 days to give reply he accept this case or not if he accepts he needs to deport from Taiwan. But his girlfriend is here so he doesn’t want to leave Taiwan. He also went to the immigration section to ask them about the help but they do not have an idea to help him and they said that need to talk with the labor dept and the court. But he does not receive court final judgment copy yet. His company wants to help him but they also do not know about the steps. For this situation what he needs to do or if anyone have such kind of experience, please tell me to help him.

Thanks in advance. If anyone has a solution it will more be appreciated.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Man, driving with 0.26 % BAC is not cool. Sorry to say, I am not sympathetic.


Get a lawyer, spend a lot of money. Check with gf’s family and any friends with any type of government connections.

Drink driving is very serious in Taiwan.


So, the guy didn’t have .26% BAC, he had around .05% BAC if you reread the OPs post

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He’s only slightly over the limit, he can probably contest the findings as there is a margin of error in those machines.

Did they do blood tests, or only the breathalyser ?

How long did it take for the cops to do the breathalyser(blood tests? ) from when he was pulled over ? The 0.02 needed to get under the alcohol limit shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes or so


My apologies. My assumptions in measurement unit made me jump the gun. Impaired investigations tend to be the easiest to beat if you get a good lawyer - they are among the more complicated investigations, with a lot of moving parts, and they are easy to make mistakes in by the Police involved.


Just as a note, if you are pulled over and you know you’re marginal some things to give yourself every chance of passing. The police have to provide you with a bottle of water. Use this to wash away any fumes in your mouth. You have (I think) 15 minutes to complete the breath test so take your time. When they ask you to blow, blow as lightly as possible. Your first blow should be too light to register and the police officer will ask you to blow again.

Note: these are tips to help you pass if you’ve had like one pint or a glass of red with your meal. The acceptable breath level is very low here so it’s easy to get caught out. Obviously if you’ve been in a session and had five pints and a tequila shot in two hours you’re going to get done and so you should.


My favourite rugby player, JPR Williams, got busted for drunk driving. The police caught him putting 2 pence coins in his mouth as he believed that would reduce the alcohol on his breath. He’s a doctor, so he should know.

Or, you could try the Withnail tactic:

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Lawyers in this case might give some help.

臺北高等行政法院判決 107年度訴字第686號
訴訟代理人 張藝騰 律師
複代理人 楊怡婷 律師
被 告 勞動部
代 表 人 許銘春
訴訟代理人 羅翠芸
主 文

Plaintiff accepted the punishment for the crime by the court, but won against MOL, iiuc.

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