Drivers license exam for people who cannot read or write?

One of my closest friends and I were talking today about him not having a license.

And i was wondering, quite a lot of people in taiwan cannot write and reading comprehension isnt great. He fails the written everytime cause he doesnt understand. Is there an option for said people?




不識字之民眾欲報考機車駕駛執照,應檢具身分證正本、本人最近6 個月內1 吋光面素色背景、脫帽五官清晰、正面半身黑白或彩色照片2 張,先至士林監理站服務台索取機器腳踏車駕駛執照登記書,並辦理體格檢查,報名時向窗口服務人員提出電腦語音筆試之申請即可。

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Very few people in Taiwan can’t read. Way lower than in most developed countries.

Cannot read or write any language or just Chinese?

They have the test in English.

What is the issue here?

You can do practice online.

They have an option for audio questions.


Well, how are you going to understand road signs if you can’t read?

Like really important signs like “road closed” or “dead end”. I realize there’s a lot of picture signs but how would you be a safe driver without being able to read and understand road signs and more importantly, road use regulations?

Also very few people in Taiwan are so illiterate that they can’t pass a driving test.

Thabks guys. The audio thing might work well will ask them about that.

Tando thanks. I will show him that (hahaha). Will get my wife to help out in that link. I cant read well either.

But ya, Taiwan is better than most and all that jazz. But people might be aurprised just how many people here cant read well and evn more have poor comprehension. Quite a lot, especially out of the cities.

This friend speaks pretty good mandarin and normally Taiwanese. He is nit a foreigner…He, like so many others, drive anyways and has for decades. Machinery, large trucks etc (ironic i know). But want him to get a license cause Taiwan is transitioning out of the olden days now fairly quick and eventually the police will start caring in that area.

He will be in a trouble when an accident happens. Not just random police check.

you could ask the same questions to foreigners who don’t read Chinese.

Taiwan has one of the highest literacy rates on the planet.

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Yes, ok. I am sure it does. Doesnt change much though as there are many who are not despite being compared to other countries.

@slawa. Exactly. Hence my wanting to tey and help the guy out.

Driving without a license is also quite common in Taiwan. Not saying its right, saying it is a problem that deserves attention.

OK, this is a fair point. Does anyone know if the written test can be taken if one is illiterate?

I assume it must be possible.

so, this one. 電腦語音筆試

Audio test in English, I think.

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And presumably in Chinese as well. Bit of a daft question, really.

I meant “電腦語音筆試” may be “audio test”.
The test may be taken in Chinese, English, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Burmese. Maybe taiwanese and hakka too.

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Of course it’s available.

Wow. That really is amazing for Taiwan to provide in so many languages! Big + respect for that!

Though i guess some clarifications should be involved when it comes to theowing around the term illiterate. It does commonly get passed around as reading and writing related butis also quite broad as far as underatanding certain concepts and methods (not just reading and writinf)

In this specific example of my friend is quite a good example. He operates all kinds of machinery. We do a lot of intensive work together and he can recognize signs and that. But as mentioned he couldnt read a complicated sign warnkng of say a washed out road ahead but can easily read the mountains and know whats the sign going to mean. Not justifying the license but it is perhaps why i dont necesarrily call him illiterate as he is quite on the ball with paying attention and critical thinking. But with characters he fails at horribly. So its a fun thing to ponder.

I was only referring to the inability to read.