Drivers License Exchange with M Endorsement

Hey guys! So I got my ARC and want to exchange my Texas drivers license for a Taiwan one. My Texas license has the M endorsement with no CC requirement and I want to be able to continue riding big bikes here in Taiwan. I went to AIT and got the license autenticated/notarized and asked them to write on it I have no restriction. They said they couldn’t and no need, just take it to the DMV. I took it in today and was told only my C class car license can be exchanged. I am in Taichung and this was at the Beitun DMV. The supervisor gave us a document saying only C could be transferred. I saw in the previous post saying I need a separate affidavit stating I am capable of riding big bikes and my license allows it. Any advice on this? Really frustrated because I had to take a day off to go up to Taipei for the stupid AIT hours already and now it looks like I need to go again. Any suggestions on possible workarounds? Thanks!

I think you are referring to the post I posted in. The folks at the Taipei DMV did say it was possible, but I needed a separate affidavit for the M class part. The AIT has a generic blank affidavit form, you need to write the statement about the M class part of the license yourself. AIT is simply notarizing that you swear this statement to be true. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but my understanding is that they accept this. I only did the standard license form at AIT and was told I needed the other if I want to upgrade my standard car and scooter license. I went ahead and took that as they said I could come back anytime with the M class affidavit and upgrade the license. So I have car and scooter up to 200cc. I’ll go back and upgrade later if I really want to get a red or yellow plate license.

They would only let me exchange my motorbike license for a 125 to 250 cc license. In order to get the yellowplate license, you have to provide a paper that says you’ve had X number of hours of training. I think they require 40 hours.

Well guys, 3 DMV visits later (all at different places) I was able to get my license for red plate bikes. It took showing my MSF card, International Drivers license translation and a lot of talking, but they were able to push it through. All three places said they absolutely could not do it, two of them saying Texas licenses only yielded car endorsements. Things I learned: Anything is possible, you jest need to get lucky finding the right person at the right time, don’t give up. Its incredibly frustrating because we got a lot of contradictory and even illegal advice from the DMV (along the lines of “just use your International Drivers License indefinitely,” “don’t worry about getting a Taiwan license, you’ll leave soon anyway”). Another thing I would suggest is get the extra affidavit from Taipei stating you can legally drive big bikes in the US and have your statement translated in Chinese when they put the stamp on it. If I had had this the process would have been a lot smoother. Its not official but they will take it as if it is. Thanks for all the help and advice!


Don’t get me started on AIT.

The AIT part doesn’t make sense. But a lot of agencies, etc. will accept anything with an AIT letterhead, stamp, or signature as “good enough”. I count this as a good thing because it works even though it doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t make sense. It’s especially good when nothing else works.