Driver's License


I heard that if you have a regular driver’s license from the States, you can drive a 50cc motorscooter without needing an International or Taiwanese license, is this true?

If not, can I easily change my States one for a Taiwanese or International one? I have Taiwan ID and have been told I might be able to do it easily. Oh, do I have to take a test (drive or write)?


Dear crbkstiles,

I found a great website to answer all of the questions you have. The Taipei Motor Vehicle Supervision Dept. has a site (in English, too) at:

From what I’ve already read, either you won’t be able to transfer your license (it’s according to what state yours is from) or it’ll be too much trouble to go through.

What I’d suggest is that you take the drivers test. I completed the whole process within an hour.

Their website has an online test for you to practice the exam questions with (Click on “Exam CAI”). BTW–It doesn’t work properly–you won’t be able to score 100 on the test since the random-question programming is screwed up (e.g. you’ll get answers to choose–but no questions). But you’ll be able to see which questions were right (of the ones that you COULD answer). Keep refreshing the page, and you’ll eventually cycle through all of the questions that will be on your test.

You’ll need your passport, ARC card, a couple of passport-size photos, license application (provided there), and local drivers license or international driver license & a copy (if you want a car license).

Hope this helps. Good luck



So the TCMVD site says - Australian licence - plus international licence - I can drive here forever while I have both???

My AUS licence expires in 5 years - I can get a new international licence from Australia every year by mail - so no need to get a Taiwan licence (at least until I feel my chinese is up to it)???


If you have an interbational licence, you can only use ot for a couple of months (I forget exactly) before you need to get a permit to use your international licence. You just need to go to the office with your international licence, your home licence, a photo and a couple of hundred dollars (this is the case for US. Australia and I think most countries) and you get a permit to use yourlicence.

If you don’t have an international just do the test. You can do it in English and it’s very easy if you do the internet tests first.