Driving around and I see this massive education facility

What is this place? Life academy? Is it a cult? How did they get such a nice building?


Did you read the Reviews?

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Yes and I still have no clue what this place is

They have rooms in there to stay in. Some reviews talk about brain washing and spirituality. But business must be good.

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Is it 一貫道 (yi guan dao)? That’s what I always assume when I hear “spiritual” and “cult” in Taiwan. I got the impression they were very 低調 about what they were up to while also being insanely wealthy (both from the old money types who practice/run the show and the money gained from donations and classes for ppl who could probably waste their money elsewhere)

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Seems like they are very di diao indeed.

There’s a bunch of these places around Taiwan , it’s a well known ‘non profit’’ business enterprise.

Yes I am always surprised at how they get.the money for their huge facilities. They all tend to follow similar plan buying land in the mountains and somehow skirting all the environmental.and planning regulations.


Paying love forward in Life Academy is an ideal society described in “The Great Harmony”. To love all the elderly as you love your own parents and to care for every child as your own is not a theory. Every member of Life Academy is living to make it happen. A world of love, of caring and forgiveness is not a utopia. Every alumnus of Life Academy pledges to practice love; caring and forgiveness in their daily life.

They look for-profit to me.