Drones and licensing

As of July 2019 you need to be licensed to fly a drone.

“Operators applying for a regular UAV license must pass a written test, which costs NT$100, whereas those applying for a professional UAV license must pass a written test, a field test, which costs NT$500, and a physical examination, the draft regulations state.”

Written? Why? To exclude foreigners that are not good at writing Chinese?

BTW, which is it?

“Operators applying for a regular UAV license must pass a written test.”

“Those operating a UAV weighing less than 2kg do not need a license.”


What’s the purpose of the little consumer drones, anyway? For taking photos and videos?

Many people operating those have no clue mostly. They are the danger in the sky!

So what’s the fun?

Don’t ask me, ask them!

Enforcement will be zero like everything else so it’s a non event for drone users.
The small ones are usually only piloted by some guy in a park, not really a big danger

small drones are more of little public disturbances, in the event the drones drop and hit someone on the head. Although there are reports of small drones hovering near apartment windows for ‘unwarranted phototaking’…

Link this thread

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What is the website to view the areas that are prohibited for drones?




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It’s the idiots flying them near airports that is the danger.

Drone killer!

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Heads up to anyone with a Drone in Taiwan. It is free to register it until the end of this month. You register using your health card, which will require a card reader for your computer. These can be found at 3c stores and even at convenient stores. Then log into the caa.gov.tw website. Aside from home address everything else I did in English. This card reader can be used with the health card to register online for mask rationing as well, it also requires the health card to sign up for.

Hope people find this useful, tried to post this info on a Facebook group and it got deleated because I wasn’t posting a question, but I think this info will be useful to others.