Drug Driving, Huge Problem in Taiwan

I think these news reporters have their numbers confused but

“Tens of thousands of suspected drug driving accidents are reported every year in Taiwan”

Edit: maybe they meant tens of hundreds.

Drugs are a lot worse problem then it appears.

Maximum penalty for drug driving is only 10 years compared to life for drunk driving.

Taiwanplus is a Taiwan government funded organization.

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This is probably one of the worst pieces of video journalism I’ve ever seen. No sources, hearsay from an elected official and several clips that aren’t even related to the issue. Editorialised… The quality of this is awful.

But at least I saved Tango42’s Topic.


Around 5 drug driving stories here.

I can’t take the video seriously.

The nasty “illegal drugs”, the legal ones are fine of course.

Also mix in some footage of a bus accident where the driver reportedly fell asleep on the wheel, because that’s for sure got to do with illegal drugs to sleep, and nothing to do with overwork.

On a similar note, just last week my partner had to wake up their bus driver when the light turned green at an intersection at 14:00 in the afternoon in Taipei.