Dry January and Beyond (Ongoing Accountability group)

I’m going to take part in Dry January this year. I’m a grey area drinker, which means I don’t drink for the alcohol, but for other reasons. Mine is all emotional drinking. In the same way people can be emotional eaters, I have a beer or 8 to block out emotions I tell myself I am not able to process.

I am giving myself the opportunity to spend one month evaluating my drinking habits, with the goal of breaking the cycle.

I’ve got some allies in the UK who are going to also participate. I’m looking for more recruits here on dear old Forumosa.

Would you like to do this with me? Are you in?


Good luck!

Yes. I’m not much of a drinker these days anyway, so not a huge challenge, but none is better than a little.


Excellent. Welcome aboard.

And then there were two…

For me, the only hard part will be CNY. The combination of social pressure plus boredom will be challenging to resist.


That’s certainly an obstacle. It can be easier to acquiesce than cause a fuss.

Yes, alcohol is a companion for me. It certainly makes me felt like I’m not alone, even though physically I often am when I have an emotional drink.

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My last drink (I’m a :beer: guy) was Christmas Eve. I decided to start ‘stopping’ before New Year’s to get ‘on the wagon’, so to speak.


I stopped for 43 days because of stomach issues. I still have the stomach issues but they are less intense. I had a few drinks Monday night. I’ll be drinking about once every two weeks from now on. The daily drinks were not healthy and I’m sure there was some dependency.

Good luck to you. It’s very doable, I think. It’s also a good idea to share this idea here and with your friends, as you’ll have more motivation to stick to your goal.


I’m trying to do Wet Saturdays. For now, I’m sticking to chick drinks.

What is this punishment for?

Anything more my Asian flush turns into a bit of a rash… It’s a good thing because I think I’ll definitely be an alcoholic without this biological behavioral correction mechanism.


All those chick drinks are super high-calorie though. Something to think about.

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Good thing I stick to suger-free green tea the rest of the week then.

Talk about punishment… :sweat_smile:


I’m doing a partly dry January. Committing to no drinks on January 2nd.


Good luck with that. :smirk:

Welcome aboard. I stopped yesterday to give myself a run up to to it. And because I am so tired of giving myself hangovers.

So there’s three of us thus far.

Full respect, but the timing doesn’t quite work for Taiwan, I figure - after all, it’s not as if December here has been a constant round of Christmas and New Year parties.

But I often do something similar for September, because August is usually fun with family and friends in Canada - and so a heck of a lot more booze than I normally drink here.

And very occasionally for Lent, because, um, well, not much of a reason actually. I think just one year I thought “Huh, that 4-5 drinks a week has become closer to 7-8”, so I wanted to recalibrate.


There is no way I am spending CNY without alcohol inside me.

Best of luck to everyone else.


CNY trauma is real. :grimacing:


I’ll be in Yulin County to boot.

Intravenous gin is a necessity

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