Dry or wet lube?

I’m in quandary dry or wet chain lube, I think I prefer wet but dry is better?
Any recommendations for me.
I have tried Puff Dino-dry film lubricant back home I used GT85

The dry and wet are for the conditions. Dry lube is for dry conditions and wet lube is for wet conditions.

You will notice if you have wet lube in the chain on dry days the chain will collect more dirt.

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Just reminded me to buy oil and degreaser. I’m going with a dry. My last one was some oily wax b.s. that packed the links with schite.

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Finish Line dry. just add more when raining.

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I would just recommend dry lube always, but apply it after every other ride. only apply the wet lube when you know you will be riding in the rain. the dry lube is cleaner and wont attract the dirt. it is such a mess to clean off your bike after a ride.

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