Dua Lipa concert in Taoyuan [2024/11/20]

Dua Lipa 《Radical Optimism Tour 》
Rakuten Taoyuan baseball Stadium 樂天桃園棒球場
November 20 , 2024 [Wednesday]

Online ticket sales commence on June 11 for Live Nation members, followed by the general sale on June 12.

Tickets prices and seat map have not been released yet but are expected to be available in the upcoming days

In 2018, she performed in a small venue with 3,000 seats at Taipei TICC. But this year, she’ll be at Taoyuan Baseball Stadium, which has 20,000 seats

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In Singapore 2024/11/06

Dua Lipa Live At Singapore Indoor Stadium 6th Nov 2024

Also Jakarta, Manila, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Seoul

Not really familiar with her.

Is she really big enough to sell 20k tickets?

Not as big as Taylor Swift, who is the highest-grossing female artist with over USD$1.96 billion in her Eras Tour.

However, Dua Lipa’s previous tour had an average attendance of over 15k per show and many sold-out performances, grossing USD$101.3 million. That’s good for a relatively new artist with only three studio albums.

Dua will also be making stops in Berlin, Germany; Pula, Croatia; and Nîmes, France, in June with completely sold-out shows. She’ll also headline Glastonbury Festival on June 28 and play at the Royal Albert Hall in London this October.

sources and more info

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Ticket prices and seating map

:diamonds: TIME:2024/11/20
:diamonds: VENUE: Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium
:diamonds: PRICE: NT$ 7,800 / 6,800 / 5,800 / 4,800 / 4,500 / 3,800 / 3,500 / 3,000 / 2,800 / 2,500

➤ Live Nation Taiwan Presale: 11 June (Tue) 11am - 11:59pm.
➤ General Sale: 12 June (Wed) 11am

Box seats prices:

  • 東下B區包廂(8人包廂):NT$ 38,400,包含NT$4,800 x8張門票
  • 東下G1~G4、H1~H4(6人戶外包廂):NT$ 40,800,包含NT$6,800x6張門票
  • 東下K1~K3、L1~L3、M1~M6(6人戶外包廂):NT$ 40,800,包含NT$6,800x6張門票
  • 東下J1, J2(4人包廂):NT$ 31,200,即NT$ 7,800 x4張票券
  • 西下B區包廂(8人包廂):NT$ 38,400,包含NT$4,800 x8張門票
  • 西下G區、西下H區(8人包廂):NT$ 54,400,包含NT$6,800x8張門票
  • 西下I區(8人包廂):NT$ 62,400,包含NT$7,800x8張門票
  • 西下J1, J2(4人包廂):NT$ 31,200,即NT$ 7,800 x4張票券

Some remarks

Limited visibility in some seating areas due to baseball safety nets and glass barriers. See attached reference pictures:



Weird pricing plan.

The blue seats nearest the stage are only the 3rd most expensive. Meanwhile the red and light blue stand seats which are much farther away are 1st and 2nd most expensive.

I guess it’s because the stand seats are tiered so you always get a good view?

Edit: How much were Coldplay tickets?

That’s something being applied across Taiwan. Even classical and jazz gigs at CKS sell front row seats cheaper. It’s very weird.